UFO X-count

Hello guys,

I am Kusumondo, organizer of this event.
UFO X-count is established under the concept of:

・Let young players be nervous at one-on-one battle
・Stimulate old players to remember the excitement
・Let audience realize gamesmanship between players
・Let viewers find another view of this game, different from usual tournament

Hope you all enjoy watching this battle event.

By the way, we received ~70 applications for naming of this event.
I do appreciate your interest and cooperation.

See you again soon…

The next X-count will be held on May 12 (Sat) at Kawachi Eiwa Enjoy Paradise. It has been suspended, but the first to 10 win between Shinnosuke (X-Ryu) and Murasaki (X-Vega) is now arranged. The battle will be broadcasted live, but we hope to have you at the venue to cheer them. We look forward to seeing you all then.

Translation by @hatenko_ryu